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The complete list of famines in India/Hindustan before the start of British rule in Bengal from "The Famines of the World, Past and Present" by Cornelius Walford (1878) pp21-29 [list originally published in "Journal of the Statistical Society of London" (vol 41, 1878) pp434-42]

503-443 BC: During the reign of the Emperor Jei-chund, extending over this period, there was a great pestilence and famine.
1022: (reign of Musaood I). Great drought followed by famine: whole countries entirely depopulated. This year was remarkable for drought and famines in many parts of the world.- DOW's Hindustan
1052-60: There was seven years' drought in Ghar [?Ghore, supposed to be one of the earliest seats of the Afghan race], so that the earth was burned up, and thousands of men and animals perished with heat and famine.- DOW's Hindustan
1291: No rain fell in the provinces about Delhi, and there was in consequence a most terrible famine.- Vide BIRNI's Hist. of Feroze
1342: Famine in Delhi, very severe; few of the inhabitants could obtain the necessaries of life.
1344-45: A famine, supposed to have extended more or less over the whole of Hindustan. Very severe in the Deccan. The Emperor Mahomed, it is said, was unable to procure the necessaries for his household.
1412-13: Great drought, followed by famine, occurred in the Ganges-Jumna delta
1471: A famine in Orissa
1495: A great dearth occurred about this date in Hindustan
1521: A very general famine in Sind
1540-43: A general famine in Sind during these years
1631: A general famine caused by drought and war; and throughout Asia
1661: Famine caused by drought, and supposed to be confined to the Punjab
1703: Famine in Thar and Parkar districts of Sind
1733: Famine; appears to have been confined to North Western provinces
1739: Famine in Delhi and its neighbourhood
1745-52: Famine in Nara districts of Sind, and Thar and Parkar
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