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1758 (a) [+ see 1759]: Punjab1758 map
Documented causes: drought + war
Documented effects: migration; Sikh recruitment

Hari Ram Gupta, "Adina Beg Khan" (in "Journal Of The Punjab University Historical Society" Vol.6, Dec 1940)
p64: [Adina Beg Khan's campaign against the Sikhs around Amritsar; events of 1758] "At this time when the whole country was ruined by the constant fight with the Sikhs, the rains in July and August entirely failed and as a consequence a severe famine broke out in the Punjab. 'In the country of Manjha wheat was not available even at the rate of two seers to the rupee. Adina Beg Khan prevented the import of corn from Malwa, in order to starve out the Sikhs. This made grain still dearer. This measure hit the poor extremely hard and they left their homes, migrating in all directions and with the will of God the Sikhs grew daily.' "
[Source: Mufti Ali-ud-Din, "Ibrat Namah" (in Persian, 1854) p119b]
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