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1751 (a): east Gujarat1751 map
Documented causes: drought
Documented effects: unspecified; grain imported from Malwa

Père J. Tieffenthaler et al. "Description historique et géographique de l'Inde ..." (vol. 1, 1786)
... La qualité du terroir de Cambahat à Brodara est telle, qu'il ne produit ni du ris ni du bled; mais du grand & du petit millet; diverses espèces de fèves, & plusieurs légumes même inconnus aux Européens.
Quand il ne tombe que peu ou point de pluie, la famine désole ce pays, comme il arriva en 1751. On apporte le bled de la province de Malva.

1751 scarcity: Calcutta area
Documented causes: unspecified
Documented effects: tax remission; pay increase

J. Long, "Selections from unpublished records of government ... Bengal" (vol. 1, 1869)
p27 (Fort William consultation, 9 Nov 1751): "The poor inhabitants of this town daily crying out to us concerning the great distress and want they labor under, and our merchants and others representing to us it is owing to the dearness of rice and oil; agreed that the annual duties taxed on those two articles, amounting to near Rs. 500, be forgiven this year, and that the zemindar do give public notice thereof. [Footnote: "Holwell who was Zemindar at this time was opposed to the remission of duty on the ground that the money would go not to the poor but to the dealers."]"

p30 (report from Calcutta to the Company in London, 2 Jan 1752): [Item 63, reporting the decisions of 9 Nov 1751, adds:] "and on the 15th following we raised the coolies' wages to 2 pun 12 gundas of cowries per day on account of the scarcity and dearness of rice and other provisions."
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