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1723 (a) [to 1724]: Kashmir1723 map
Documented causes: excessive rain
Documented effects: unspecified

Pandit Anand Koul, "Geography Of The Jammu And Kashmir State" (2nd ed., 1925)
p105: "Year: 1723 A.D. In whose time: Azam Khan. Extent of damages caused: Owing to excessive rains the crops were destroyed. A kharwar of shali used to sell at Rs. 8 The famine lasted two years."
[Other sources convert AH to CE as 1724, but this version is more likely to be correct]

1723 (b)?: eastern Gujarat
Documented causes: war
Documented effects: unspecified

Fort St. George "Diary and Consultation Book, 1723" (1930)
p7 (consultation of 28 Jan 1723, reporting letters received): One from the President & Council of Bombay, dated the 3d ultimo [December 1722], giving an account of the arrival of the Galleys and of their taking two Portuguese Grabs, the Success theirs have had over Angria's, the Apprehention the Inhabitants to the Northward of them are under of a famine, and the entire stagnation of trade at Surat, &c. occasion'd by the differences in turning out the Great Men of those parts.
[It may be that this "apprehention" was incorrect]
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