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1705 (a) [to 1707]: Deccan1705 map
Documented causes: unspecified, but see below
Documented effects: unspecified

Nizam's government, Haidarabad Dakhan "Gazetteer of Aurangabad" (1884)
p421: "The Burhanu-l Futuh of Muhammad 'Ali describes a pestilence in the Dakhan from H. 1099 to H. 1104, [1687/8 to 1692/3] which destroyed half of the people, and was followed by a great famine from H. 1116 to H. 1119. [1704/5 to 1707/8]" [NB: A revision of the "Burhanu-l Futuh" is incorporated in "Mirat-us Shafa"]

1705 (b): Marwar
Documented causes: unspecified
Documented effects: long-distance migration

B.L. Bhadani, "Economic Conditions in Marwar in the Second Half of the 17th Century" (PhD thesis, 1981)
p109: "The year 1705 was remembered as a year of misfortune, owing to a famine. The people migrated to distant places like Dacca and Patna." [Source: Jai Chand [aka Shri Jaichand], ed. Muni Kanti Sagar, "Saiki" (1963) pp66-7]

1705 scarcity [to 1707]: Aurangabad area
Documented causes: drought + war
Documented effects: near-starvation of army

Nizam's government, Haidarabad Dakhan "Gazetteer of Aurangabad" (1884)
p191: "In 1705 Firoz Jang was appointed to the government of Berar, with instructions to protect that province and Telingana from the ravages of the Mahrattas; while prince Bidar Bakht was appointed to Aurangabad and Burhanpur. The Mahrattas plundered the latter city and crossed the Narbada; but retired to Berar as soon as Zulfikar Khan arrived at Fardapur, and Rustam Khan was detached afgainst them. A severe drought prevailed this year, and the Mahratta raids were more frequent than ever. ... Provisions were scarce and there was great want in the grand camp, which was relieved by Zulfikar Khan, who brought a large convoy of grain. ... The scarcity continued, and in 1706 Zulfikar Khan, after his return from Wakinkerah, proceeded against Scindia [a Maratha warlord, whose family would become most significant in later generations], who was plundering in the pargana of Partur, twenty-five kos from Aurangabad. [Footnote: "... The scarcity still continued, and several convoys from Hindostan were pluntered at the 'Ajanta ghat near Fardapur, and at other places. One very rich caravan was plundered a few miles from Ahmadnagar."] In 1707 the emperor returned dangerously ill to Ahmadnagar, and the Mahrattas, availing themselves of the distress in the imperial camp, made a raid near Aurangabad, but were driven back by Zulfikar Khan. ..."
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