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1703 (a): Thurr & Parker, Sindh1703 map
Documented causes: unspecified
Documented effects: official relief efforts

Lieut. Col. A.T. Etheridge, "Report on Past Famines in the Bombay Presidency" (1868) [Reports collected by local officials in all districts]
p18 (Thurr & Parker, by Scinde Commissioner Havelock per list of famines from local Political Superintendent): "... from A.D. 1703 to A.D. 1866. The information appears to have been gleaned from reports made by his District Officers. ... The first in A.D. 1703."
... "In every instance the distressed inhabitants appear to have been assisted by the Ameers, the Rana of Nuggur, and other petty Chiefs, as circumstances demanded."

1703 scarcity: Coromandel Coast
Documented causes: drought
Documented effects: request for imported grain

"Records of Fort St. George: Despatches to England 1701-02 to 1710-11" (1925)
p5 (summary of general letter on recent developments, 5 Nov 1703): ... "Fear Grain will be scarce for want of rain."
"Letters From Fort St. George 1703-1704" (1929)
p69 (Fort St. George to Bengal President & Council, Fort William, 4 Nov 1703): ... "Wee advised you in a former letter that we feared a Scarsity of grain in this place since which time we have had no rain nor no great proba[bi]lity of itt, timely enough to preser[v]e the crop on the ground, besides there is att this time no water in the Tanks so pray if you can freight hither five or six thousand M'ds. of rice for Acco't. of the Company and encourage what Ships or Vessells you can to come hither with grain, for we are not a little afraid of a Famine."

[similar requests sent to other Company agencies along the coast the same day]
Fort St. George "Diary and Consultation Book, 1706" (1929) [apparent aftermath of the above]
p28 (consultation of 2 Apr 1706): "The Governour produces a Letter sent him by Mr. Fraser wch. being in Portuguez was Translated and found to be from the Washers who lately ran away ... whose desertion we cheifly impute to the Governour not bringing in their Petition into Consultation wch. they delivered about two months past, and is now produced ... the purport being to increase their hyre, which the Governour when they delivered him their Petition asked them how they had the impudence to request such a thing when they had worked all the time of the Famine for the hyre they now have when all Grain was four times as dear."
[translations of the petition and letter given, the former claiming that the washers are "much Indebted", and the latter explaining that they "ran away" because of their ill-treatment by their six managers:]
"... whereas we are assured of your Honr. &c. Justice to the Poor and oppressed, we are in hopes to be satisfied for all that is due to us, and we farther humbly Pray that the Six Conicoplyes may be turned out of their Employs, and be chastiz'd according to their deserts ..."
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