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1651: Kashmir1651 map
Documented causes: storm and flood
Documented effects: Emperor hastily leaves, and sends back grain for relief

"The history of India : as told by its own historians. The Muhammadan period" (vol. VII, 1877)
p98: Inayat Khan "Shah Jahan-Nama": 1061 A.H. [1651 CE]
"Towards the close of the spring, on account of the heavy rain and tremendous floods, all the verdant islands in the middle of the Dal, as well as the gardens along its borders, and those in the suburbs of the city, were shorn of their grace and loveliness. The waters of the Dal rose to such a height, that they even poured into the garden below the balcony of public audience, which became one sheet of water from the rush of the foaming tide, and most of its trees were swamped. Just about this time, too, a violent hurricane of wind arose, which tore up many trees, principally poplars and planes, by the roots, in all the gardens, and hurled down from on high all the blooming foliage of Kashmir. A longer sojourn in that region was consequently distasteful to the gracious mind; so, notwithstanding that the sky was lowering, he quitted Kashmir on the 1st of Ramazan, and set out for the capital by way of Shahabad."
Lost Kashmiri History "The History of Famines in Kashmir" (web page 2017) [ http://lostkashmirihistory.com/historyoffamines/ ]
"In 1651 another flood led to a harsh famine but Shah Jahan was prepared this time, he imported grains from Lahore, Sialkot, and Kalanoor and distributed them among the cultivators. He also set up free-kitchens." [Source not stated]
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