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1635 (a): northern India1635 map
Documented causes: unspecified
Documented effects: high food prices

Bernard Wessels, "Early Jesuit Travellers in Central Asia, 1603–1721" (1924)
pp82-3: "… in the beginning of 1635 the six missionaries set out from Goa under the leadership of Father Nuño Coresma. ...
The empire of the Great Mogul was just being devastated, he writes in his first letter, by a terrible famine which made itself felt as far as Garwhal and Tibet, so that the journey from Surat to Tsaparang cost no less than 3,000 rupees. But this was as nothing compared to the loss of life and of health. 'Of my six companions only one reached Chaparangue with me. Two died on the way, and the other three became so ill, that it would have been inhuman to have taken them further and let them die in this desolate country' [Footnote: "Coresma, First Letter of August 30, 1635. ..."]. The three, therefore, were left behind at Srinagar …"
[Is this a new famine, or the after-effects of the Great Famine?]
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