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1628 (a) [to at least 1630]: Masulipatam area1628 map
Documented causes: unspecified, probably drought
Documented effects: ruin of industry

East India Company, "The English factories in India, 1630-1633 " (1910)
p79 (staff at Masulipatam to the Company in London, 2 Nov 1630): "On this coaste is a great and mortall dearth, which begann three yeares since and still increaseth; which with the unusuall great cargazone invested this yeere in this place, with the many free traders, Dutch and Danes, etc., hath raised the prise off cloth to an extraordinary rate, and scarce to be so procured, and hath allso beaten downe the prise of gold, allum, and broadcloth, that in one hundreth yeeres there hath not, neither may be expeckted, the like, to the great hinderance and losse to our parte of the Second Generall Voyadge. God grant that the rest marketts, as of cloves, etc., be not forestalled in the like kinde. The cloth of theis parts is growne very deceitfull, as wanting in both lengths and breadths, which wilbe very prejudiciall to the proffitt and vend thereof "
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