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1619 (a): Goa1619 map
Documented causes: drought
Documented effects: abandoned children

Manuel de Faria y Sousa, "Asia Portuguesa" (vol. 3, 1675)
p349: [shortly after the first mass was said in Goa's new Se Cathedral] "Sucediò una seca, y a ella una esterilidad general; y a esta, una hambre que degollò mucha gente. Solo en la Isleta de Bardes murieron quasi quatrocientas Personas. Llegando un hombre com dos hijuelos a pidor limosna a una puerta, alli se quedaron tendidos. A este modo, mucho." [Then follow entries on the Franciscan mission in Asia, and the 1619 solar eclipse- which happened on 11 July by modern dating]
Manuel de Faria y Sousa (trans. John Stevens), "The Portugues Asia, or, The history of the discovery and conquest of India by the Portugues …" (1695) [https://quod.lib.umich.edu/e/eebo/A40887.0001.001/1:23.17?rgn=div2;view=fulltext ]
p298: [Only part of the original text as given above is translated] "There happened a great Dearth and Famine, which destroyed many People. In only the little Island of Bardes almost 400 died." [The entry about the Franciscans is omitted, but after the report of the eclipse there is a report of a massive famine in China, which does not appear at this point in the 1675 Portuguese edition]
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