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1613 (a): Udaipur hill country1613 map
Documented causes: unspecified, possibly scorched earth
Documented effects: army starvation

Shah Nawaz Khan, trans. H. Beveridge & B. Prashad "The Maathir-ul-Umara" (vol 1., 2nd ed. 2003)
p400 (biography of S'aad Ullah, later Nawazish Khan, later Beglar Khan): [In 1613, Emperor Jahangir went to live in Ajmere, and appointed Prince Shah Jahan to deal with problems in Udaipur] "Beglar K. was his deputy. When Udaipur, the Rana's residence, was occuped by Shah Jahan, Nawazish K. and some other officers were sent to Kambhalmir [=Kumbhalmer, Kumbalgarh], which was in the hill country, and there was such a want of grain that a sir of it could not be had for a rupee. An universe of men gave their lives for want of bread. At this time the Khan in his zeal and generosity shared his food every day with a hundred others. As he had no money, he sold his dishes of gold and silver and expended the proceeds."
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