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1586 (a) [+ 1587]: Sukkur, Sindh1586 map
Documented causes: locusts
Documented effects: migration, looting

Mahomed Masoom, "A History of Sind, embracing the period from A.D. 710 to A.D. 1590" (trans., 1855)
p152: "During the two Kureefs [translated in Elliot's "The history of India, as told by its own historians" (vol. 1, 1867) as "kharif harvests"], when Sadik Khan held Bukkur [1586-7], the locusts came, devouring the whole of the crops; so much so, that he got nothing. Severe famine fell upon the country; the people leaving their houses, dispersed, and the Sumejahs and the Beloochees looted both sides of the river, leaving nothing.
In Rubee-oos-Sanee, 996 (A.D. 1587-88), Nuwab Ismael Koolee Khan received the Jageer of Bukkur, and his son Rooman Koolee Beg arrived there. He was a man of great wealth; his behaviour was good; he gave food to those who were entitled to receive it, showing much kindness to the country-people; so much so, that through his exertions and management the face of cultivation again appeared."
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