The Vinland Map: Hoaxes within hoaxes

The weird-but-true documentary is now available as a six-part YouTube playlist

Or if you prefer, the six parts are:

Part 1: Spain to the New World (1957-64, and the word vicispiracy)
Part 2: Smoke and Mirrors (1965-67, keeping the experts at bay)
Part 3: Finding Answers (1960s to 1970s, scientific evidence of fraud)
Part 4: Contradictions (1980s to 2003, conflicting scientific claims)
Part 5: Start Making Sense (2004-2015, solving the PIXE problem)
Part 6: Making the Map (1956-1957, NOT 1439-40)

WHOA! Make that seven parts:
May 2018 update (new science, and a couple of rants)

... or even seven-and-a-half ...
October 2018 update (not a video, just my thoughts on the 2018 Vinland Map Symposium)

Bonus! Information on the near-forgotten involvement of Prof. Eva Taylor as a "devil's advocate", and on the 1966 Sunday Times Insight Team investigation.

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(Clues 1-75, start to selling now available on this site)

(Clues 76-150, selling to donation now also available on this site)

(Clues 151-245, revelation to exposure to MacGuffinisation available too.)

And here are some of the visual clues: a b c d e f g

Some of my early Vinland Map material, from 2003-4, is still available online, including the free pdf version of my short 2004 book about the Map, and some of the original research for its compilation, including experiments with obliquely projected images of the 1436 Andrea Bianco map.